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So, how does all this work?

Creating a website for your business is an investment. Planning and a strong foundation of communication will prevent wasting both time and money.

Building a website is a collaboration. We are not the expert of your business services or products. Content for your website relies heavily on you. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we just need to know what it is and we can use that content to build your website. We’ll highlight bits and pieces to make the content both aesthetically pleasing and coded to meet industry standards.

We’ve put together an Initial Project form that will help you and us get off on the right foot. Fill it out as best you can and when we meet, we’ll go through it together, expanding on your answers.



All web development projects we work on begin with a discovery process, whether it’s a new website or a revamp of an existing one.

This is where we look at your existing site, question you on what you feel needs improvement, define goals and expectations. From this, we will provide a scope of work or proposal with everything that has been discussed along with time and costs that would be associated to build the website. Once the proposal is accepted, a final draft or contract will be drawn up. Again, it will state who is responsible for what part of the project, costs, a schedule will be honed for deliverables, and the payment schedule.

Website development is a like taking a hike in a forest, you’ll run into forks in the path occasionally. You, and even us, will have ideas as the website is developed. We don’t want to tampen down the possibility of a new idea. Depending on the stage we are at, how much more complexity or cost the new idea might involve, it’s up for more consideration and discussion.

Website Development Pricing

Every project is unique, has it’s own technical needs, and we understand that some budgets are smaller than others. We do our best to meet your budget as best we can and fulfill the look and functionality that you are seeking for your website. You will be given a proposal outlining your needs and solutions with price and schedule ranges. 


Website Maintenance Plans and Hosting

Once your website is built and launched, the servicing of your website begins. Technology is constantly changing, security needs to be beefed up, or your content may need updating. Some clients feel they are up to the task to keep up with these changes. That’s okay. If you want to take on that challenge, it’s up to you. We will train you on how to maintain your website.

However, would you rather spend time on your business? Or updating your website? Your time is valuable, why spend hours sweating over code? Or trying to figure out how to swap out an image, only to realize you forgot to optimize it and have to start over? Instead, you can hire us to take care of it for you, freeing you up to run and build your business.

Maintenance Plans are discussed with you from our very first meeting. Pricing is based on the size and scope of your website. An ecommerce store, for example, will need a higher level of servicing to make sure that the security and technology is maintained and optimized to keep your store up and running smoothly. As compared to a landing page or a brochure site which could get away with once a month checks and updates.

Hosting truly boils down to ‘you get what you pay for’. We have been building websites for many customers, only to be limited by the sub-standard hosting company that the client had already purchased. While we do work with what you have started, but if it looks that your website needs a higher level of hosting, stronger security at the server level, we do offer hosting. Pricing is based on the complexity of your website. And you are required to be signed up with our maintenance plan to be on our hosting. We take the security and stability of our servers seriously, the majority of the time a website has been hacked or infected with bad actors is due to poor themes, poor plugins, and a lack of maintenance. 

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