WordPress Website Hosting

Hosting options for your unique needs.

Hosting your website with Cymatics is unique, in that, while most other hosting providers will add your website to servers that already host other websites and clients much like renting an apartment with 100 other apartments — We Don’t.

Each plan is set for your website alone. You’re renting a house. All of the server resources are available to your website and only your website.

Other providers will allow you access to the server — We Don’t.

We take security very seriously. Once the website is migrated, your DNS records updated with your domain, your SMTP is set up for your website forms, and your SSL, we handle the rest of the set up. Optimizing the server so your website loads fast.

Other providers will tease you with a cheap rate for the first year but then hit you with full price upon renewal — We Don’t.

Our pricing is a set rate from the time your sign up til whenever you decide to cancel and move to other hosting. This makes your budgeting easier in the long run. No more sticker shocks.

We do have one requirement, if you sign up for hosting, you will need to sign up for one of our maintenance plans. We will consult with you to advise you on the best hosting and maintenance plan that fits your needs.