Google Is Shutting Down Websites Starting March 2024

Google business Profile.

Google has announced its decision to shut down more than 20 million websites hosted on their platform. Starting in March 2024 Google will redirect people to your Google Business Profile until June 10th*. This will have significant implications for the millions of businesses that have relied on this platform to establish their online presence. 

In this article, we will explore how to find out if you are affected and what you can do.

The history of

The platform was launched by Google in 2018 with the aim of providing small businesses an easy and affordable way to create and host their websites. It was a feature as part of Google My Business, now known as Google Business Profile. 

The platform offered a very small range of templates and customization options. Making it simple for even those with limited technical knowledge to establish an online presence. 

Over the years, grew in popularity, with millions of businesses around the world using the platform to showcase their products and services. If you had hired a person to build your website or set up your SEO…they may have created a for you. 


The loss of has left many businesses in a state of uncertainty. Any of your customers that have saved your website url to find you…they will reach your Google Business Profile until June 10th.

Businesses that have relied on as their primary online presence may find themselves scrambling to find alternative solutions before the shutdown takes effect.

How do I know if I have a website?

Open Google in your browser and start typing your business name and the city your business is located. Google search will pull up your Google Business Profile on the right hand side of your screen. 

Click on the button labeled ‘Website’  If this opens up to a it will look like this (see image below. Business name blurred out for privacy.). 

local store gbp

Or look on the left hand side in the search result listings, it should list your business and under it will show the url in the search results, for example:

Then you have a website and you are affected by this change.

If you have a custom built website with a custom domain name with a .com, .co, .io, etc. and it doesn’t open when you click the ‘website’ button in your Google Business Profile, you need to update the link. This is also a good time to double check your other information about your business in your Google Business Profile, too. 

What can I do?

You have a couple of options. For small, local businesses, some owners have decided to use Facebook as their website. However, this isn’t a real solution. You can read our article about the pros and cons of using Facebook as your website here.

The main issue with relying on Facebook as your website is that you are renting space on their platform, so you don’t have full control over your content, design, or functionality. 

Having a dedicated website, it can be designed and built to fit your business and control the information that you want to share with the world about your products and services. 

Don’t know how to build a website…not to worry. We can help you by building you a website for a reasonable price. 

With Cymatics, we can build you a website that can be as simple as a single page or it can be expanded out into multiple pages to include an About, Contact, and Services. And set up a Blog where you can include articles about your business and the topics that are important or trending in your industry. The site can be expanded into an ecommerce functionality if that is what you need, now or in the future. We’ll also update and optimize your Google Business Profile with your new website url. 

So far, you were able to use Google’s free website service, but now, it’s time to invest in your business with a professional website where you can customize it for your branding and unique value to your potential customers. 

The future of online business websites

The internet changes constantly, just like trends in fashion or music. To be successful online, businesses need to be like water: able to ebb and flow with the changes. This is why things like “adaptability” and “flexibility” are so important for websites. By using the newest technologies and keeping up with website trends, businesses can keep winning online and reaching the right people.


In conclusion, Google’s decision to shut down marks the end of an era for millions of businesses that have relied on the platform to establish their online presence. While this announcement may have caught many off guard, it also presents an opportunity for businesses to reassess their online strategies and explore new hosting solutions that better align with their long-term goals. By taking proactive steps to create a custom website, businesses can ensure continuity in their online operations and maintain their digital relevance in the years to come.


Q: What is the announcement regarding websites made by Google?

A: Google announced that it will be shutting down websites starting March 2024

Q: Why is Google shutting down websites?

A: Google is making changes to its free website service and will no longer support websites after March 2024.

Q: What should small business owners do if they have a website using

A: Small business owners should consider creating a new website using a different platform before the shut down in 2024. Contact us to talk about your business goals and needs for your website. 

Q: How can I update my business information if my website is shutting down?

A: Make sure to update your business information on your new website and your Google Business Profile to maintain your online presence.

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*Google Announcement